Our Cool Solerang masks are 100% made in Korea! The main reason why we have chosen Cool Solerang as our main source for Face masks, is that it provides such a beautiful balance between convenience and safety. As you may already assume, typically higher rated masks are harder to breathe through. (i.e. kf80 masks are a lot easier to breathe through than your typical kf94 masks.)

MB100 rated mask carry the same certification level as a kf94 mask in Korea. When you compare the breathability of other kf94 masks and Cool Solerang masks, you can immediately notice a difference in how easy it is to breathe through a Cool Solerang Mask.  It makes no compromise in safety to meet the demands of convenience. A truly perfect balance indeed! 


Try a box of Cool Solerang masks and we are confident that it will be your only preference when it comes to wearing face masks on the daily in this new world we call normal!

Cool Solerang MB100 Respiratory Protection Mask

$80.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price