MELIN-C is specially designed for treatment of pigmentation (Melasma) and it helps whiten the skin. MELIN-C uses a synthetic application of L-Cystein, Ascorbic acid, Calcium Pantothenate (inhibits the formation of Melanin) to reduce the harmful effects on the skin from the environment.


MELIN-C helps reduce melasma, freckles, inhibits wrinkles and also aids in skin recovery.


L-Cystein is especially important because it aids in forming skin and hair cells in order to promote skin metabolism. 


MELIN-C is a tablet you take once daily and one box comes with 120 capsules (4 month supply).


MELIN-C also compliments well with Domina Cream. 


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Theragen Etex - Melin-C (Pigmentation Treatment)

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